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Quatriz provides solution for Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) system that allows highway users to pass through tolling point at high-speeds even when changing lanes without having to slow down to pay for toll. Quatriz MLFF system is a high end solution for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) which includes deduction, vehicle detection & classification, image acquisition and license plate recognition as well as matching. With MLFF, current toll booths at toll plazas will be replaced with ordinary multi-lane road with only gantries to collect toll fares. Tags or On Board Unit (OBU) and readers at gantry across the multilane road segments will be used to detect vehicle and deduct toll fare using the existing ETC which will embark in Malaysia in 2018
October 2013 – Quatriz, Touch n’Go and MHI signed a Memorandum of Understanding during World ITS Congress
February 2014 – Quatriz entered into a MOU agreement with TPM Corporation to undertake a MLFF POC at Technology Park Malaysia
July 2015 – Succesful development and installation of MLFF system at a Technology Park Malaysia
Proof of Concept I for RFID Tag & Vehicle Plate Recognition System
​October 2016 – High Speed Communication Testing at Lebuhraya Pantai Timur 1